Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I used to be...

This morning as Corban was receiving massage therapy the therapist was watching the DVD I had put in to coax Corban onto the table. Third Day Christmas Offerings was playing out before us and the therapist said, "I like this group better than the other one you've had on before." I sat on my hands so that I wouldn't run the risk of flipping him off since the "other group" was my beloved Hillsong. I said, "Yeah, they are good." Then I quit talking and started listening again. The story began to come out from the therapist that growing up in their church, you would never have heard this kind of music before, especially with the instruments. Growing up in their church did not allow instruments or dancing or a lot of things and at 17 years of age was the final time that the hypocrisy cup reached the full mark. This 50 something therapist had not given up on God but had any kind of church. I kept listening. Mac and the Third Day kept singing and it felt like I was interrupting a sermon. Finally I said that I thought more people would give God a chance if other people didn't get in the way. (How profound...haha)

Hurting people are just an elbow length away from us. I love to listen for the pain and offer it an outlet.

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Runningmama said...

Now that was funny.

Hurting people everywhere no doubt. What an honor to listen.