Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I want to pay for the guy behind me…

Two intense days of training at school had my butt seated for 7.5 hours each day for two days straight. I think the information we were given was intended for a three day session but was forced into two days for some reason. Although it gave me information overload, it was just what I needed and at just the right time. By Friday afternoon I was mentally “full” when I reached home and the yard was calling out to be mowed. I said hello to Beth and Corban, changed clothes, and fired up the lawn mower.

An hour or so when I finished the yard work I was hot and still not hungry for supper but when 11:30 pm showed on the clock I jumped in the truck and headed to Wendy’s because, well, they are open late. The drive thru line was both long and slow. A minute later I watched a man ride up behind me on a Honda Goldwing. I thought the man looked familiar but a few more glances in the side view mirror and I realized that wasn’t the question that was being asked. The question was, “Why don’t you pay for this guy’s meal?” I didn’t take into account that he might be buying for a family of six and stuff the sacks into his saddlebags but I didn’t really care about that. One thing I have noticed is that when I stop following Abba’s voice I not only miss out on the great opportunity to serve but I turn my face away from Him.

It makes no sense to buy food for a complete stranger who I will not be speaking to nor will I most likely see anytime soon. But in this moment it was the faithful thing to do. I was taking a chance. I paid with cash – no debit card tracing on this deal.

I wondered what was going on in the night manager’s mind. I had just paid for a person’s meal but that was the easy part. Now the night manager had to figure out a way to tell the motorcycle man. And the motorcycle man had to accept the free supper since there was no one to pay back.

So, who was this prompting for? Was it for me? Was it for the night manager at Wendy’s? Was it for the motorcycle man?

The only thing that I think that I know is this: Being faithful to the voice was able to set into motion a chain reaction of events of which there may be no end.

What do you do with the promptings in your life?

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