Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I work with two guys who are into definition. One, the boss, goes to Lifetime fitness every morning, same time, same routine. In his prime he squatted 720 pounds. Today at 41 years his knees won’t support that kind of weight but he could still put you inside a Pepsi can just by looking at his definition. The other muscle man is slowly covering his definition with ink. Tatt's are a part of his non verbal definition. Outside is strong. Inside is scared and insecure by definition.

Trimming the sidewalk with the weed eater gives definition. People who walk the path may not see what kind of effort is put into it but the definition is there.

We meet new people. The second or third question is, "So, what do you do?" That question is like the definition can opener. Does what I do define me? Seems to. Or are we just comparing our definition against theirs, to see if we match or is it for validation? "I'm an engineer at NASA." "That must be interesting. I sweep floors." "Wow, you must see a lot of dirt." "Yeah, it has its' moments."

Our parents, present or absent or unknown, gave us definition. Our childhood peers, coaches, teachers gave us definition. As adults we work around, through, or under our definition. Now parents ourselves, we give or have given our children their definition with a look, a glance, a glare, a shaking of the head in approval or in disapproval. Some definition given is like firing a gun into the night sky, not knowing where or how the bullet will strike the unknown target. Years later the injury is revealed or kept hidden still, giving off definition.

Jesus came into this world by definition that was given long ago. Still, it seems that it was hard for people to see who he was. Those closest to him physically and socially, his peers, missed his definition at first. Two fishermen by the sea, mending their nets and Jesus asks them if they wouldn't like a new definition..."Fishers of men? Hey, we'd probably have as good a luck with that as we have all these years fishing and getting sun burnt and stinging eyes from the salt spray. Why not, we'll give it a try." They were marked for a new definition.

What is the big picture in your world? What does that picture's definition offer as insight into your life? Are you stuck under a definition? Are you working around or through a definition? Look closely at the big screen of high definition in your life. Is there something you missed before? What makes the big picture a little more clear? Better reception or a higher definition...or both working together as a team on your life's definition?

I look back and I see defining moments in my life. Some good. Some I would rather not acknowledge. Then I look closer and I see something new...a redefinition. Redefining moments that have overtaken the old ones, giving life and hope and peace, and patience, and joy, and faithfulness, and self control, and kindness, and gentleness, and joy, goodness and love.

Jesus was one thing that is most important to us. He was Abba's child. He asked us to become Abba's child too. Why am I to be childlike? Because it forces me out of and into a new definition. Try sitting in chairs that were made for two year olds and not feel something different. Try a child's game and see if you don't feel like there is a change in your definition.

There is one definition that is more powerful than any other and it calls to us at this moment. By it we are made powerful though it may feel anything but powerful to our nature. By it we are givin the freedom to become who we are meant to become. To this one definition, all others give way to its' strength.

Am I willing to continue accepting this new definition day after day? Am I willing to find strength in weakness? Am I able to put down the weight that I've been carrying around and allow this single definition make me whole again?

By now there is one word I don't want to type and you don't want to read anymore. But by this one word we who are. We are Abba's child. Nothing more. Nothing less.

1 John 3:1
How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.
Thank you Father for redefining us. Thank you Father for loving us. Thank you.

Brian Herrian <'((>< May 2006

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