Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Giver...

This past May on the Friday before Mother's Day 2005, Corban's school teacher had helped her kids make a bouquet of flowers for their mom. The four large flowers, a mixture of pastel blue, pink, yellow, and purple tissue paper on fuzzy green pipe cleaner stems with just a spritz of perfume for effect, were a hit! Corban held them proudly and gave them to mom who made over them like it was the best gift ever. Truth be told my dozen roses to Beth paled in comparison to this handmade gift which still sits on the sofa table in the living room.

Several months have passed since Mother's Day and the giving of the flowers. I cannot tell you, literally cannot, how many times those flowers have been given and given and given and re-given to mom by her loving son. The prompting of the giving does not come from me and the excitement in the giving is high, sometimes even more than the past times of giving. I may be watching ESPN when Corban runs into the living room, grabs the vase of flowers, lurches back into the bedroom from where I hear a loud, "For me? Corban, they are so beautiful! Thank you!" Or I may get to witness the blonde headed giver grin from ear to ear as he dances in place and squeals from the excitement of the giving as he hands them to mom while she is cutting vegetables for a salad. The gift is the same and the times of giving seem random but the excitement is something to see.

I thought today of how my Abba has given me a gift, then given and given and given and re-given the same gift to me at what seem like random times though His excitement is the same if not more intense than the time before. I cry as I think about His grace given to me over and over again. I want the same attitude about this gift as Beth has for Corban's gift..."For me? It is so beautiful! Thank you!"

Thank you, Abba, for being the Giver.

Brian Herrian <'((><

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