Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Home Depot 2005...

At the Home Depot this Saturday morning Corban and I were standing in line to check out, in the outside garden area. In line in front of us, waiting for his tall, fit, ball-capped, sunglassed dad to complete their checkout the little boy of five years of age and red hair stepped back and forth between the Coke cooler and the space between it and his dad. As he stepped backwards the wheel of the shopping cart tripped him and he sorta fell backwards, catching himself against his dad before landing on his bottom on the floor. He quickly stood up and looked up at his red haired dad who by this time was looking down at him and shaking his head disapprovingly, no smile on his face. The boy leaned into him as if to get as close to his dad as possible and said something inaudible to me. But his actions seemed to loudly say, "Dad? Am I alright? Am I OK? Do you still like me? Are you proud of me?"

By now the boy has moved on from that event I'm sure, those moments don't often last long. But then again, it depends on how the future trail with his dad turns this way or that. Those moments of unanswered questions get in line to be answered at some time. It could be at age 16 or 44, or 76. They will have their answer.

Thank you Abba for being the answer to the unanswered questions in my life.

Brian Herrian <'((><

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